History of British Blues


Interviews - Reminiscing the Early British Blues Scene

Here are a series of interviews with legendary British blues artists and visiting American artists with reminiscences of and influences on the early British Blues scene. The interviews below mainly reside on www.earlyblues.com, clicking the links below will take you to each interview. Over time each of these interviews will be reproduced on the UKBlues Federation website with updated material, additional photographs, more references and links.

Norman Beaker (Norman Beaker Band) - singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer, on the British Blues scene since the 1970s from Manchester

Deborah Bonham (Deborah Bonham Band) - singer, sister of John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) from Hampshire

Victor Brox (The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, Victor Brox Blues Train) - singer/songwriter/actor/multi-instrumentalist from Manchester

Eric Clapton (Yardbirds, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Cream, Blind Faith, Derek & The Dominoes, etc.) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Surrey

Gary Fletcher (The Blues Band, The Gary Fletcher Band, The Dave Kelly Band) - bass guitarist from London

Mick Gallagher (The Animals, Ian Drury & The Blockheads, The Clash, Animals & Friends) - Hammond organist from Newcastle

Lonnie Johnson - interviewed by Valerie Wilmer during his visit to the UK,  London 17th October 1963

Paul Jones (Manfred Mann, The Blues Band, The Manfreds, Eric Clapton's Powerhouse) - singer/harmonica player/actor/broadcaster from Portsmouth, Hampshire (Oct 2011 interview from The British Blues Archive). Patron of UKBlues Federation.

Paul Jones (Manfred Mann, The Blues Band, The Manfreds, Eric Clapton's Powerhouse) - singer/harmonica player/actor/broadcaster from Portsmouth, Hampshire (Jan 2014 interview from Early Blues - coming soon)

Dave Kelly (John Dummer Blues Band, Tramp, The Blues Band, The Dave Kelly Band) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from London

Paul Lamb (Paul Lamb and The King Snakes) - singer/songwriter/harmonica player from Northumberland

Tony (T.S.) McPhee (The Groundhogs, The John Dummer Band) - guitarist from London

Coco Montoya (John Mayall's Bluesbreakers) - guitarist from Santa Monica,  California

John Steel (The Animals) - drummer from Newcastle

Mick Taylor (John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, The Rolling Stones, The Jack Bruce Band) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Hertfordshire

Mike Vernon (Record Producer & Music Executive / Founded Blue Horizon Records in the late 1960s). Patron of UKBlues Federation.

Shakey Vic (Shakey Vic Band / one time editor of British Blues Review magazine) - singer and harmonica player from London


Interviews - From the Modern British Blues Scene

Here are a series of interviews with modern British blues artists with reminiscences of the early British Blues scene. They include artist’s musical backgrounds and heritage, where they are from, their first musical memories, how they got started in music, what first attracted them to the blues and what it means to them, what were their early influences, and their musical journey in the blues. The interviews mainly reside on www.earlyblues.com, clicking the links below will take you to each interview. Over time each of these interviews will be reproduced on the UKBlues Federation website with updated material, additional photographs, more references and links.

Tommy Allen (Tommy Allen Band, Trafficker, The Blues Duo) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from the Northwest of England

Jon Amor (Jon Amor Band, The Hoax, The Boom Band, Fisk & Amor) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Wiltshire

Jon Anderson (Ragtime Jug Orchestra) - authentic string-band sound of the early 20th century from Gloucestershire

Dave Arcari - alt/blues troubadour/singer/guitarist/songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland

BabaJack (Becky Tate and Trevor Steger) - ‘an intoxicating brew of blues, folk and roots music’ from Herefordshire. Becky is an Honorary UKBlues Member.

Lee Bates (Lee Bates & Billy Newton) singer/guitarist - acoustic blues duo from the Northeast of England

Marcus Bonfanti - originally a trumpeter in brass bands to self-taught blues guitar from London

Oli Brown (Oli Brown Band) - blues guitarist/singer/songwriter from Norfolk

Kyla Brox - blues and soul singer/songwriter/flautist from Greater Manchester. Kyla is an Honorary UKBlues Member.

JoJo Burgess (LaVendore Rogue, Hokie Joint) - charismatic and expressive singer from Colchester

Paul Cowley - singer/songwriter/acoustic guitarist originally from Birmingham

Peter Donegan (Lonnie Donegan Band) - guitarist/keyboards/vocalist from London

Tom Doughty - singer/songwriter/laptop acoustic steel guitarist from Cheshire

Grainne Duffy (Grainne Duffy Band) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Co. Monaghan, Ireland

Clare Free - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Oxfordshire (interview from British Blues Archive)

Clare Free - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Oxfordshire (interview from Early Blues)

Mal Gibson - singer/songwriter/guitarist/record producer/MC from Oldham, Greater Manchester

Danny Handley (Animals & Friends, Danny Hanley Blues Project) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Burnley, Lancashire

Kaz Hawkins - multi award winning singer/songwriter is Northern Ireland’s very own Soul Superstar

Robin Hoare (Robin Hoare Band) - vocals/guitar from Sheffield

Al Hughes (Lights Out By Nine and Solo) - Vocals/guitar  from Fife, Scotland

James Hunter (James Hunter Band, Van Morrison's Band) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from London

John Idan (The Yardbirds, The John Idan Group, The Topham McCarty Band, Ric Lee's Natural Born Swingers) - vocals/bass guitar from London (originally Detroit, Michigan)

Ian Jennings (The Big Town Playboys, Mike Vernon's Mighty Combo, etc.!) - double bassist/bass guitar/record producer from Worcestershire

Aynsley Lister (Aynsley Lister Band) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Leicestershire. Aynsley is an Honorary UKBlues Member.

Connie Lush (Connie Lush & Blues Shouter) - singer/songwriter from Liverpool

Eddie Martin - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Frome, Somerset

Cherry Lee Mewis - singer/songwriter from North Wales

Paddy Milner (Paddy Milner & The Big Sounds) - singer/songwriter/pianist from Dorset (born in Edinburgh, Scotland)

Nicky Moore (Nicky Moore's Blues Corporation, Hackensack, Tiger, Samson, Mammoth) - singer/songwriter/voice trainer from Devon

Billy Newton (Lee Bates & Billy Newton) - singer/harmonica player - acoustic blues duo from the Northeast of England

Alan Nimmo (King King, The Nimmo Brothers) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Glasgow

Chris Powers (Vinyl DJ, Compere, MC) - charismatic 'old school' vinyl DJ/MC from Rochdale, Lancashire

Red Butler (Alex Butler - guitar/backing vocals, Jane Chloe Pearce - lead vocals, Charlie Simpson - drums, Mike Topp - bass guitar/backing vocals) - rock/blues band from Sussex

Roadhouse (Gary Boner, vocals/guitar/'songs' - Bill Hobley, bass guitar  - Roger Hunt/drums/percussion - Danny Gwilym, guitars
- Mandie G, vocals - Suzie D, vocals - Kelly Marie Hobbs, vocals) - blues rock band from London

Giles Robson (Giles Robson and The Dirty Aces) - singer/songwriter/harmonica player from Jersey

Steve Rodgers (Paul Rodgers' son - Free, Bad Company, Queen) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Guildford, Surrey

Steve Roux (The Brass Knuckle Blues Band) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Hampshire

Matt Schofield (Matt Schofield Band) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Manchester

Todd Sharpville - singer/songwriter/guitarist from London

Ian Siegal (Part 1 - Ian Siegal Band)- singer/songwriter/guitarist from Portsmouth, Hampshire

Ian Siegal (Part 2 - on tour with The Mississippi Mudbloods) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Portsmouth, Hampshire

Harry Skinner (The Producers)  - singer/guitarist from Bournemouth

Ben Smith - singer/guitarist from Norwich

Ed Stephenson (The Revolutionaires) - singer/guitarist/pianist/harmonica player from the Northeast of England

Dale Storr - New Orleans style pianist from Sheffield

John Verity (John Verity Band, Phoenix, Argent, etc!) - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Bradford

Ben Waters (Ben Waters Band, The ABC&D of Boogie Woogie) - boogie woogie pianist from Dorset

Mike Whellans - one man blues band from Galashiels, Scotland

Matt Woosey - singer/songwriter/guitarist from Malvern, Worcestershire

more coming soon ...