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BritBlueArch-150x150Preserving Our Blues Heritage

The British Blues Archive (BBA) was set up by Peter Harvie and Stevie King in 2011 and is the only archive which concentrates upon British Blues, that great music that means so much to so many people.  The archive documents the history, musicians, the venues and the instruments that make up British Blues. Eventually everything will be on this website for everyone to see but it will take many years. We will get there with the help of fellow musicians and enthusiasts.

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John Mayall and Chris Barber



"Happy to be part of this endeavour and keep it coming! "
Mike Vernon

'Best of luck with the project'
- Bill Wyman




Meet the BBA People

Peter Harvie with BBA Patron John Mayall:


Founder and resident BBA writer and interviewer Stevie King ( see History of British Blues - Biographies for biographies of British blues artists written by Steve):


Mike 'Dr Blue' KcKeon produced a year long diary for this website 'The Diary of a Bluesman' (see History of British Blues - Articles & Essays), explaining what it's like to be playing blues in the clubs, pubs and jams in 2011/12, describing the venues and the people.


Chris Lafbury, with Oli Brown. Chris has been a long-term blues fan and plays a little bit of guitar. He provides support for the BBA content of the website:


Tina Harvie, who is BBA Treasurer and makes sure any money we raise is accounted for and used in accordance with our terms of reference.


Regional Information

Regional BBA Representatives

Here you will find a list of British Blues Archive Representatives around the country reporting on the local blues scene.