Membership Rules

This page contains the UKBlues Federation Membership Rules.

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1. Membership Types

With reference to Part 4 (Members) of the Articles of Association of the UK Blues Federation (UKBlues), UK Blues membership comprises Benefactor, Member and Honorary members.

1.1 Benefactor Member

Full members shall have full membership, including the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting and to take part in projects undertaken by UKBlues.

Any person or organisation seeking to become a Benefactor member of UKBlues must fulfil at least one of the following conditions:

  • perform or promote music with the emphasis on blues and roots music;
  • be a blues oriented organisation, a festival, a blues venue, a blues concert or gig promoter, a record label, a booking agency, a radio or TV show or a magazine (physical or digital or both) whose activity concentrates on blues and roots music;
  • be an individual who is well informed about blues & roots music and the musical scene of his/her region, or involved in the promotion and/or support of blues & roots music and musicians.

1.2 Member

Members are only affiliated to participate in the activities of UKBlues. They do not have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Similar to Benefactor members, Members are entitled to take part in projects undertaken by UKBlues and may be individuals or organisations.

1.3 Honorary Member

Honorary membership can be conferred and withdrawn on the decision of the Board at a full board meeting, on the basis of a simple majority of the members present or represented, to persons rendering or having rendered notable services to UKBlues. Honorary members may participate in the Annual General Meeting with consultative powers, but without voting rights. There shall be no annual fees required of honorary members.

2. Membership Criteria

Membership shall be at the sole discretion of the Board who must approve all applications for membership and shall have the right to decline any application without having to give any explanation or justification thereof.

All members must adhere to these Membership Rules and Obligations.

Annual membership fees for all membership categories shall be established by the Board.

Each membership will be valid for one year renewable annually on the anniversary of the joining date, i.e. the date original membership fees received and accepted by UKBlues.

An electronic form will be available on the UKBlues website by which persons seeking membership can register their application. Applicants will be considered to be admitted as members and shall become a member of the allocated type once the application is approved and payment of the corresponding fee has been received and accepted by UKBlues.

Annual membership renewal subscriptions will be automatically processed 30 days after the date of issue of the renewal notification to the member. If the member does not wish to renew their subscription, they must notify the Membership Secretary within 30 days of the date of the renewal notification.

In the case of dismissal, exclusion or withdrawal of a member, no part of the fee paid by this member will be reimbursed.

The names of all members will be held in a register of members. Such register may be made available to all members only upon specific request and may be inspected at the registered address but a member may indicate, in writing, at any time that they do not wish their details to be made available to other members.

UKBlues undertakes not to make any membership details available to any party who is not a bona fide member of UKBlues.

3. Membership Fees

3.1 Benefactor Members

£50.00 per annum or such greater sum as the Benefactor member may wish to donate

3.2 Members

£25.00 per annum

below the age of 18 - no membership fee

3.3 Honorary Members

No membership fee.

4. Membership Benefits

Membership shall include specific membership benefits detailed for different categories of member, as defined and approved by the UKBlues Board and set out on the Members' Benefits page of the UKBlues Federation website -

5. Member’s Obligations

Any person or organisation or other body who seeks to become a member of UKBlues at whatever level is deemed to have made themselves aware of the Statutes and Membership rules of UKBlues and gives an absolute undertaking to UKBlues to abide by same at any time when they are acting for, on behalf of or in connection with anything related or connected to UKBlues. The membership of UKBlues of any person, organisation, or other body may be withdrawn if the Board considers, by a majority decision, that such person, organisation, or other body has acted in breach or contravention of such Statutes and/or Membership Rules or has acted in a manner which is contrary or prejudicial to the aims, ideals or principles of UKBlues.

6. Membership Rules Amendments

These Membership Rules may be reviewed and amended by the UKBlues Board from time to time. The latest Membership Rules will be displayed here on the UKBlues website.


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