Our Mission



We believe that Blues music in the United Kingdom (UK) needs to be much better represented and coordinated in order to achieve the respect and prosperity that it deserves. Consequently, UKBlues has established a pan-UK Federation to promote and support Blues in and from the United Kingdom in all its forms and styles.


To achieve the maximum recognition for United Kingdom Blues music, past, present and future and thereby to boost the profile and prosperity of all involved with the music in the UK, bringing those involved together to achieve this Vision.

Our objectives are to:

-  Promote the Blues in the UK

-  Provide a hub for everyone involved in Blues in the UK to come together for the benefit of Blues in the UK

-  To ensure that the UK is represented at the annual International Blues Challenge in Memphis and European Blues Challenge by being an Affiliate of the Blues Foundation and an Active Member of the European Blues Union

-  Promote initiatives to raise the profile of Blues within the UK. Not only to existing audiences, but to reach out to new audiences, particularly the younger generations

-  Help promote the work of all those involved in the UKBlues community, whether they be artists, festivals, media (of all sorts), etc.

-  Encourage international exchanges and promote UKBlues in mainland Europe by seeking the cooperation of European festivals, venues and promoters. We will also seek to facilitate European acts to play in the UK.

-  Provide a comprehensive on-line British blues information and educational resource.

-  Develop events, programmes and activities in line with UKBlues‘ Vision

-  Encourage and assist interaction among members to promulgate the exchange of ideas, experience and skills