We are indebted to the following for their kindness in providing material for the UKBlues website.


Alan Balfour

Alan Balfour began writing about blues and related matters in 1966 for a variety of specialist and non-specialist UK magazines. Formerly a co-editor of Blues-Link (1973-75), news editor of Black Music (1976) and consultant to Talking Blues (1976-78), he has advised companies such as Polydor on their blues catalogues as well as compiling and programming releases for others like EMI, Pye and DJM. An occasional contributor to Blues & Rhythm and Juke Blues magazines, today he is better known for his involvement with major research and discographical projects like Blues Records 1943-1970.

Rosy Greer

Reviewer/writer for the Lancashire Blues Archive and British Blues Archive / UKBlues Federation, Rosy writes reviews for gigs, tours and major blues festivals throughout the UK and provides gig information, supports bands, artists and venues in and around Lancashire and the North West.

Max Haymes

Max Haymes is one of the foremost blues historians in the UK. Author, researcher, lecturer and broadcaster, he has written a significant number of articles for magazines, periodicals and books, compiled many themed albums for JSP records, and produced wide-ranging series of lectures and courses relating to the early blues. His Book 'Railroadin' Some' is the first ever comprehensive study of the enormous impact of the railroads on 19th and early 20th Century African American society.

Stevie King

Stevie King is a guitarist, singer and songwriter.  He has been a member of the Hot Hob Jam house band for five years, and host of the Heathcote and Coach & Horses Blues Jams for a further ten, as well as being Jams Editor for Blues In London. Now blissfully retired, he serves as the researcher/writer/reviewer for the British Blues Archive / UK Blues Federation.

Mike 'Dr Blue' McKeon

Mike McKeon is a singer, songwriter, composer, guitarist, harmonica player, poet, story-teller and writer (diarist) for the British Blues Archive / UK Blues Federation..

Paul Soper

Paul Soper is tax lecturer, consultant, musician and broadcaster. During the 70's and 80's he was a regular provider of financial advice for various phone-ins, starting with Robbie Vincent at Radio London, but also with a large number of later hosts, including Tony Blackburn, and regular spots with Johnnie Walker, Diane Luke, the late Tommy Vance and Mike Sparrow.  TV appearances have included the first three series of Moneyspinner on Channel 4 and the BBC accountants' TV network.

Brian Smith

Brian Smith is one of the most prolific photographers of blues artists in Europe, with his photographs, particularly of the British Tours of the American Folk Blues Festivals, being used by publishers and record companies throughout the world. His book "Boom Boom Boom Boom: American Rhythm & Blues In England 1962 – 1966,  The Photographs of Brian Smith" will be published mid 2017.

Jonathan Townsend

Jonathan Townsend is a musician with The Blues Duo – The King Biscuit Boys ( and an occasional writer/reviewer for blues magazines.