The UK Blues Federation is working on projects to educate people about Blues music and the history of British Blues. We are greatly indebted to the British Blues Archive (now amalgamated with UKBlues), the British Blues Exhibition and Early Blues for material used within this on-line educational resource.  The projects  are listed below with some being available soon.

  1. History of British Blues - in articles and essays, interviews with legendary British blues artists, memories and memorabilia, recommended British blues history books and links to other websites with British blues history content.
  2. Culture - British blues in Art, Dance, TV, Film and Literature
  3. Directory of Blues Training an informative directory of blues training, tuition and music schools available in the UK.
  4. Educational Pack for Schools - a blues music information pack for schools and colleges.

In addition, we can share the work that others are doing in this field.

Please contact us if you have contributions to make to the above projects, or if you have suggestions of educational projects that we can consider, or if you know of existing initiatives we can share, in addition to those below:

  1. British Blues Exhibition - on-line resource celebrating British Blues history and the contemporary scene.
  2. Early Blues - British based on-line 'blues webzine' resource broadening awareness and understanding of the origins of blues music and providing articles, guides, reviews, research and images of all things blues.

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By doing so you will be able to help us support & promote the blues in the UK and you will enjoy a range of benefits.