Blues on the radio

We are fortunate in the UK to have a thriving blues radio network. It starts with The Blues Show with Cerys Matthews on Radio 2 and works right through national and internet radio to the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association with a huge number of members producing both broad ranging and specialist shows.


The Independent Blues Broadcasters Association (IBBA) promotes blues radio across the UK, acting as a unified organisation for individual presenters to liaise with the music industry, record labels, artists, promoters, managers and other industry bodies.

The IBBA also fosters close links with the UK Blues Federation, to promote and support blues music in all its forms and styles in the UK. It also acts as a discussion forum for its members on Facebook group and is a virtual network of blues-based programmes.

The IBBA is a focus for labels, artists and PR organisations for  distributing new releases from UK and international artists, in the hope of airplay on our shows.

To qualify as a member of the IBBA a presenter must be presenting/producing a minimum of one radio show/podcast per
month. The show must be aired on a UK based radio station (internet or FM/AM/DAB) or presenter must be a UK resident. For podcasts, the presenter must be a UK resident.
The main aims of the IBBA are as follows:
  • To provide a united body of presenters and in doing so gain greater influence with promoters, record labels and artists.
  • The selection and promotion of featured albums (Picks of the Month). A monthly Facebook poll or members to vote on submitted new albums runs from the 10th to the 25th of any given month. The three albums attracting the largest votes will be POTM for the following month.
  • A monthly album playlist chart is also published, collating all the members’ playlists into a Top 40 most played albums. This chart is eagerly awaited by artists, managers, record labels and audiences alike. It is also published by Blues In Britain and Blues Matters! To promote blues shows presented by IBBA members by supplying time/day and how to listen information by means of a weekly schedule, available on the web site.
  • Contact page on the web site so that promoters, record labels and artists can contact members of the Association with their promotional material and tracks.
  • To encourage members to promote shows presented by other IBBA members.
  • The sharing of information and ideas.