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About - the 'raison d'être' of the Federation

The Board - composition of the UKBlues Federation Board

Our Mission - The UKBlues Federation Mission Statement

> Our Patrons - Patrons of the UKBlues Federation and The British Blues Archive

> Honorary Members - Honorary Members, as Ambassadors of the UKBlues Federation

> Friends of UKBlues - organisations that have provided significant help to the UKBlues Federation

British Blues Archive - details of The British Blues Archive now amalgamated with the UKBlues Federation

> BBA Regional Reps - composition of The British Blues Archive Regional Representatives

> News - latest news from the work of the UKBlues Federation and the British blues scene

> Our Work - key on-going elements of our work

> UK Blues Challenge - selecting the UK representative for the European and International Challenges

> UKBlues Awards - co-ordinating the annual UKBlues Awards scheme and Awards Presentation event

> Sponsorship - how to sponsor the UK Blues Challenge

> Education - providing an on-line blues educational resource

> History of British Blues - documenting the history of British blues

> Articles and Essays - discussing the birth, influences and evolution of British blues

> Artists - acknowledging involvement and contribution of early blues artists in creating the British Blues Scene.

> Bands - acknowledging involvement and contribution of early blues bands in creating the British Blues Scene.

> Biographies - recording biographies of legendary British blues artists and bands

> Interviews - publishing interviews with legendary British blues artists and their reminiscences

> Events - recording reviews of gigs and festivals of the British blues scene

Memories - documenting readers own memories of the early British blues scene

> Memorabilia - of the early British blues scene.

> In Memoriam - obituaries, dedications and biographies in memory of early British blues artists

> Early British Blues Clubs and Venues - details of clubs and venues of the early British blues scene

> Early British Blues Festivals - details of Festivals of the early British blues scene

> Vintage British Blues Magazines - reproducing complete volumes of early British blues magazines

> Classic British Blues Albums - reviews of classic British blues albums from the 60s and 70s

> Charting The Blues - articles on blues artists who were successful in the UK record charts

> Photo Galleries - galleries of legendary British blues artists and bands (coming soon)

> American Folk Blues Festival: The British Tours (1963-1966) - memories of the British Tours

> British Blues History Books - bibliography of recommended British blues history books

> British Blues History Websites - links to websites that include British blues history

> Blues Videos - links to videos relating to the History of the Blues

> Culture - discussing British blues in Art, Dance, TV, Film and Literature (details coming soon)

> Directory of Blues Training - directory of UK based blues training, tuition and music schools

> Educational Pack For Schools - a blues music information pack for schools and colleges (coming soon)

> Directory of Higher Education Music Courses - directory of UK courses with blues music content (coming soon)

> Reviews - published reviews and quotes of our work for the UK Blues Challenge and fund raising events

> Acknowledgements - thanking the various contributors to this website

> Information - on the current British blues scene

> Agents / Promotions - details of agencies and promotional organisations

> Clubs and Venues - brief details and links to UK blues clubs/venues

> Festivals - brief details and links to UK blues festivals

> Magazines - brief details and links to British blues magazines

> Musicians - brief details and links to British blues artists and bands

> Radio - a list of Blues related radio shows in and/or originating from the UK

> Record Labels - British based blues record labels

> Online - a list of informative blues websites and blogs including the UK blues scene

> Members - invitation to become a member of the UKBlues Federation

> Membership - Join Here - membership application details

> Members Benefits - benefits of being a Full or Support Member of the UKBlues Federation

> Members competitions - periodic exclusive competitions for UKBlues Federation members

> Membership Directory - directory of Full Members' banners and website links

> Membership Rules - full membership rules of the UKBlues Federation

> Events - upcoming blues gigs, festivals and events

> Create an Event - members' registration of events

> Contact - on-line form to contact the UKBlues Federation