Events such as the UKBlues Challenge and the UKBlues Awards could not happen were it not for the generous support we receive through sponsorship. This can take all shapes and forms and can range from less than £200 to sponsor a UKBlues Awards category to in the region of £10,000 to sponsor an event such as the UKBlues Awards presentation.

UKBlues is a not for profit organisation and you can read more about our mission and our work elsewhere on our website.

By sponsoring a UKBlues Federation event or taking up any other sponsorship opportunity – sponsoring our website, you will be covering or helping towards, costs such as venue hire, publicity, advertising, merchandising, trophies, band fees, judges' expenses, UKBlues board members’ expenses and the myriad of other costs involved in organising and running such events.

Anything left over enables us to make a meaningful contribution towards the UKBlues Challenge winners' substantial costs in connection with attending and participating in the European & International Blues Challenges and also to support our ongoing work as well as new initiatives as we continue to develop UKBlues' work and activities.



If you would like to support the UKBlues Federation by sponsoring one of our events, sponsoring an Awards category or anything in between or if you would simply like to investigate further how becoming a sponsor can help us continue our work and introduce exciting new ventures or you just have further questions; please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)20 3633 6788 or e-mail Ashwyn or Steve as below:

Ashwyn Smyth, UKBlues Chairman [email protected]

Steve Potter, Sponsorship Co-ordinator – [email protected]

Don't forget the UKBlues Federation has an on-going remit to provide a focal point for the blues in the UK and to support, promote and encourage blues of all sorts within the UK, so why not join us and become a member.

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