‘The Big Gig’ is the brainchild of North West musician, Ian Barker. Ian is the

front man for The Rain House Blues Band, he also hosts a new Blues show on
Greater Manchester Rock Radio on Thursday nights 11 to 12 midnight, repeated at 7
pm on Mondays. https://www.greatermanchesterrockradio.co.uk/

The aim of The Big Gig is to run co-ordinated live gigs across a number of venues,
with multiple bands and artists. Some will be recorded to go out on GM Rock Radio.
The mega event is scheduled to be held on Saturday 16rth October 2021 to
celebrate the very best of local NW talent and showcase/kickstart the grassroots
venues in the area.

Currently there are over 220 artists and bands and 35 venues involved across the
North West of England.

The event will hopefully highlight grassroots music in the NW and also raise some
funds for the charities – Music Venues Trust (MTV) and Help Musicians.

Without the grassroots industry, many musicians would not have a platform for their
music and the UK’s music industry would be culturally poorer as a result.
The bands and artists involved span across various genres, with a high number of
‘blues’ artists involved.

More information will be forthcoming nearer the date, but the concept is exciting.