If there’s one thing we can all agree on it is that we’re all getting older.
One of our primary aims has been to foster a passion for the Blues in the young. Our belief and hope is that a young person immersed in the Blues may well carry that forward in their lives. In doing so they’ll then pass on both the heritage and the progressive growth of Blues in the UK. This is equally applicable to fans as it is to young musicians.  So we want to do anything we can to encourage young people to get involved with the wonderful world of the Blues.
A first step is to introduce a ‘Youth Membership’ for the UKBlues Federation. Anyone under 18 at the time of joining can now join and support the UKBlues Federation for just £1 per year!
Joining us in launching this initiative we’re delighted to introduce Marcus Praestgaard-Stevens as a Youth Ambassador for The UKBlues Federation. Marcus had this to say: 

”The blues has had a huge influence on my musical journey and I believe it to be the foundation of modern music. I think there is a lack of education available for not only the music itself, but also its origins in African American culture and the innovators whose names must be remembered. This is why I am so pleased to support the UKBlues Federation in their efforts to introduce the blues to a younger audience.”

There’ll be more youth orientated actions and news coming soon but meantime why not tell that young person that they can join the UKBlues Federation by simply visiting https://www.ukblues.org/join-now/